Top 500 exporting firms

Organisations which export internationally have a range of different needs from those that confine their activities to the UK only. These needs range from the type of people they aim to employ to the various products and services required to do business internationally; to enable them to preserve and/or enhance their position. Among all this, how the firms react to the current post-BREXIT vote climate will dramatically affect their outlook and results.

44% of UK exports go to the EU

With 44% of UK exports presently going to the European Union, forward thinking exporters are certain to be working on detailed contingency plans to cover a range of scenarios post-BREXIT. Those that are not could be in real peril in the coming years.

Four million staff are employed by the top 500 UK exporters

A measure of the importance of the top 500 UK exporters is that they have combined sales of £1,100 billion and employ over four million staff - a number that has grown by 11.2% over the past five years, making them a substantial high-impact group.

Pinpointing these firms among the UK's 2.5 million active businesses can be like searching for a needle in a haystack; but not when you have Alert's services to hand. Two we have developed specifically to help with these challenges are:

  • Top 500 Exporting Firms: a list of the top 500 organisations currently involved in substantial exporting from the UK, along with all the freshly researched contact information you need - a goldmine of fresh opportunities!

    Top 500 Exporters Example
  • International Business Leads: a weekly report detailing freshly researched organisations which are embarking/extending or changing their international activities. The insights also include back-up information about those activities to enable a warm approach and informed conversation.