Top 500 x Employee Growth

Organisations that are recruiting heavily have a broad range of needs not seen in the broader business world in which most organisations are effectively on a plateau business-wise.

Growth firms not only need to buy-in products and services to cover the wear and tear that occurs over time, but they also need to accommodate the needs of a growing number of employees: more staff equals more computers, more offices, more factories, more furniture, more B2B services.

These circumstances present many opportunities.

The top 500 companies by employee growth have sales of £29 billion and employ over 180,000 staff - a number that has increased by over 240% over the past five years.

Pinpointing these firms among the UK's 2.5 million active businesses can be very time-consuming; but not when you have Alert's services to hand. We have developed two of them to meet these challenges:

  1. Top 500 firms by employee growth: This detailed data set provides information on the top 500 UK firms currently recruiting the most new staff, enabling you to put your B2B services in front of them

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  2. Job gains reports: a weekly report for any one of four UK regions, detailing freshly researched organisations that are recruiting staff. The insights also include back-up information about their activities to enable a warm approach and informed conversations.