Organisation Maps

Identify key contacts in complex organisations

Fact: There are over 4,000 UK based companies with more than 1,000 staff.

Fact: People change jobs or titles, get promoted, move sideways, downwards or leave. Companies fold, merge, expand, shrink, split and relocate. Acquisitions happen, company names (and email addresses) change.

Keeping track of all of the changes is a massive challenge - even more so if you're trying to connect with a large organisation for the first time or extend awareness about you from a small base. The freshness and completeness of your data will have a significant effect on the outcome of any approaches you contemplate but Organisation Maps can provide an effective tool enabling precision targeting for your products and services.

Find the right people relevant to your business

Organisation Maps pinpoint dozens, if not hundreds of people who will have a direct or indirect involvement in the product or service areas that are relevant to your business. Having the details of many contacts to hand enables the identification of marketing targets and the planning of strategic sales approaches for mounting company-wide campaigns and enhancing the impact of your approach.

The maps contain verified contacts across 10 job types:

Executive, Finance, HR, IT, Purchasing, Sales, Marketing, Legal, Operations and Technical – for the UK.

Choose an Organisation Map for the UK region you are most interested in as many of these firms are large and complex. Depending on the job role that is of most interest and how specialised it is, you can choose an Organisation Map for the whole UK or one that focuses in a more detailed way on one specific region.

Link the Organisational Map to the corresponding Corporate Family Tree showing the inter-connections between related organisations, and you potentially have everything you need, contacts-wise to open doors to new business.

How Organisation Maps might influence your business:

Scenario one

You want to get your foot in the door with a large, diverse company and are ready to start a strategic sales and marketing campaign which could potentially bring in huge rewards. How do you identify the best people to target? An Organisation Map will pinpoint everyone that's relevant for your campaign, enabling you to deliver a timely multi-pronged approach, and even though some may not respond, your company's name will be on the lips of all the right people at the same time.

Scenario two

You have built up a rapport with an individual in a company who buys your services and they suddenly leave. Years of cultivating a strong relationship has disappeared overnight. With the right Organisation Map you will already have already pinpointed and cultivated other contacts to reduce the risk of finding yourself out in the cold.

Scenario three

You have a great relationship with certain individuals in the company, but a competitor has used an Alert Organisation Map to pinpoint and connect with all of your current contacts plus dozens of other decision-makers and influencers. For months, they have been deploying an intense sales and marketing campaign to make sure their company's name and products are the buzzwords on everyone's lips. They have just won a slice of your business. Time to react. Don't let that loss be the wedge that dislodges you completely!

Organisation Maps are freshly researched and cover over 4,000 organisations.

To order an organisation map, please complete the form below. We will be in touch to confirm we can supply the exact data you have requested, and to provide a timescale for delivery.

Choose from these regions: East Midlands, London, North East, North West, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South East, South West, Eastern England, Wales, West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber

Choose from these job types: Executive, Finance, HR, IT, Purchasing, Sales, Marketing, Legal, Operations, Technical

The cost is £75 per map for one region and one job type. Contact us for a quotation about other combinations or requirements.