Midas Reports

When failure is not an option

In business, some goals have to be achieved whatever the cost. Failure is not an option!

  • You may need to win a big, morale-boosting contract to counteract the disastrous impact of loss to a major competitor OR
  • Your new product needs fast, visible take up by a prestigious, trend-setting organisation OR
  • You need tangible evidence of buying-interest from a ‘blue chip’ to inspire your backers to finance the next stage OR
  • You need to attack competitors on their home turf OR
  • You have been rebuffed before and this time it has to be all guns blazing for a breakthrough!

Whatever the motivation, this is not a run-of-the-mill situation – it requires something special and, maybe some outside expertise to help you achieve it.

Reliance on ‘traditional’ sales or marketing involving one or two contacts may be too slow or too high on the risk-failure spectrum, given the monetary or strategic value or kudos which success would bring.

Your in-house data, while fine for everyday purposes, may not be up-to-date, comprehensive or up to the task.

Data solution - The Alert Midas Report

The Midas report - What you get: and the cost

The Midas report - What you get: and the cost

1) Full details of the performance of the targeted business over the past five years

2) Their UK and international Corporate Tree, pinpointing all the connections, at home and abroad, that can be explored for business penetration and cross-selling opportunities

3) Information about what the organisation has been doing in the past five years: business strategy, contracts, product developments, competitors. This deep insight will enable you to construct a content-rich, tailored approach, playing to the needs, fears, hopes, strategic situation and plans of the organisation - and to position your offerings accordingly.

4) Contact details for up to 50 key decision-maker and influencers - each one verified in the past week. You will confidentially engage in a simultaneous, multi-pronged approach to quickly raise awareness and get people talking about you and your products.

5) A Management-Moves Report, pinpointing in detail who has joined and who has moved on internally or externally over the past three years.

The investment: £1500 per organisation - Two week turnaround time to delivery


Note If you think the potential return on investment in commissioning a Midas Report does not justify the cost, the organisation is probably not an important enough target for your strategic objectives!