Market reports

Sometimes it's not enough just to be focused and familiar with the organisation in question.

To make faster progress, gain a competitive advantage or just to stand out, you may need to know and be able to demonstrate a knowledge of the sector and its trends, current issues, key players, threats, challenges, and the competitive landscape.

This type of business insight can inform conversations, bring meetings and presentations to life and engender a level of visible pervasive confidence on both sides that comes from having a detailed level of knowledge, however recently acquired on your part!

Alert has produced a series of market research reports to address these challenges:

Service Type What you get

Market Focus Reports

Market intelligence reports for fast insights

Comprehensive market reports covering market size, key players, current issues, future trends and SWOT analysis, available for 21 sectors ranging from aerospace to vehicles,


Jobs Barometer

Get unique, fresh insights into the UK job market

Alert has uniquely detected and recorded over 6 million job gains and losses across 21 business sectors since 2005. FREE updates about trends in the jobs data are available, along with snapshots with detailed information about specific organisations who feature in the data.