Kick-Start Pack

The ideal way to kick-start a new business

Fact: 650,000 new businesses were started in the UK in 2016* compared to 608,110 in 2015 – an increase of almost 7%, despite BREXIT.

Fact: 90% of all start-ups fail

Fact: Of the 10% that remain in business, the ones that rocket away from the rest will have used business insight early on in their marketing and sales approaches.

How Alert helps start-ups succeed

If you are a B2B start-up business, Alert’s Kick-Start Pack will turbo-boost your opportunities by giving you access to the insights and fresh, comprehensive data you need to address groups of potential B2B customers, simultaneously.

The six components of Alert’s Kick-Start Pack enable you to mount a focused, organised multi-pronged approach to a range of receptive customers. These components are:

1) A high growth10,000 dataset of firms in the UK

A bespoke data set for the fastest growing 10,000 firms in the UK which collectively employ millions of people, spend the most on B2B services, create half of all new jobs each year and are constantly searching for ways to prolong and/or improve their growth. Your product or service might enable them to do things more quickly, to a better degree, more efficiently or more cost-effectively – or even beat their competitors!

Because of expansion, these high-growth companies NEED TO BUY different types of services and goods, BUILD special relationships and partnerships and HIRE different types of people, in different ways. They represent the ultimate B2B marketplace, but the majority aren't household names and most wouldn't come to your attention without the High Growth 10,000 data set we supply. Your Kick-Start Pack will contain data for 500 of these companies which will be chosen to best match your products and services.

Value £500

2) A bespoke data set from the top 4,000 UK companies

A bespoke data set for the 4,000 UK companies which each employ more than 1,000 staff and have a collective turnover of £500 billion. Penetrating just one of these could provide the breathing space and street credibility for a start-up to get more firmly established. Again, your Kick-Start Pack will be tailored to contain data for 500 companies from this data set that best match your products and services.

Value £500

3) Organisation Maps for multi pronged approaches

Organisation Maps for any ten of the 4,000 substantial companies referred to above. These will provide you with a comprehensive list of contact details for the most relevant decision-makers and influencers across one of the 10 functional areas: Executive, Finance, HR, IT, Purchasing, Sales, Marketing, Legal, Operations or Technical - on a regional or national basis.

Imagine your products or services being on the minds of not one but hundreds of people within an organisation, all talking to each other about what you do. Penetrating a large, complex company is a numbers game. If you make contact with one person and nurture the relationship, it might lead somewhere..... eventually - if that person doesn't leave, move sideways, get promoted, take sick leave or simply lose interest. But if you were communicating with 50 or 100 people, what then? Sure, they are not all going to turn into evangelists, but maybe five or ten would raise their heads and take interest in what you're offering. You'd be on the way!

Value £750

4) Departmental Drill-downs to decision makers & influencers

A Departmental Drill-down Report - one of our most popular specialist research services. It's a data-led solution to the challenge of how best to win business, or raise awareness quickly, in a group of organisations which have special importance because of their size, prestige, strategic placing, competitor activity, or unique needs.

We pinpoint up to seven decision-makers and influencers, usually all in the same department or a sub-group of it. We then add in the details of other people, such as the CEO, FD, and relevant procurement/operations contacts, bringing the number to around 10 people per organisation. This broad insight enables a multi-pronged approach to be made to the most relevant people at the same time.

Value £250

5) A three-month supply of business leads

A three-month supply of business leads pinpointing organisations experiencing change of the sort that creates a need for new or more products and services - including yours!. You can choose one from the six topics covered: Job Gains, Job Losses, Growth & Investment, International Activity, Premises Change, Mergers & Acquisitions. We provide full details of what’s happening and, importantly, who is involved with the decision making.

Value £250

6) Management Moves - pinpointing new appointees

Management Moves Reports - new management appointments are great business leads as a change of decision-making personnel often leads to an examination of current arrangements, fresh thinking about the way things are done and review of resources, expenditure and suppliers. Our unique monthly Management Moves reports pinpoint key changes for five job areas and provide details on how to make contact. The Kick -Start Pack includes a three-month supply of data for one of the following areas: Chief Executives, Finance, Information Technology, Procurement or Human Resources.

Value £250

The total cost to you

Receiving all of this data and insight would normally cost £2,500, but because we tailor it to fit the needs of a small organisation trying to find its feet, we can offer this package to you for just £500!

This kick-start package includes the data sets we have found to be most effective in assisting a new business to get established quickly. We are however keen to work with you to determine if any other of our ready-to-go data sets and reports, up to a total package value of £2500, are more likely to get you where you want to be.

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*According to the Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE)’s analysis of the latest Companies House data.