Hot List Tracker

Empowering proactive business decisions

One of the most important but toughest tasks to do well is keeping constant track of what’s happening to groups of clients, prospects, competitors or suppliers that are important to you.

You can be so busy with other challenges that this important task is neglected and things that would have been advantageous to know about have beforehand instead throw you into reactive rather than proactive mode.

This could apply to a range of business activity your key groups are involved in, such as:

  • Financial health. Are they doing well, on a plateau or in decline?
  • Mergers/ Acquisitions, buy-outs/ buy-ins. Are they involved in these activities and could that radically affect your relationship? Could the decision making path move elsewhere.
  • Making plans for the future. Are they about to expand, develop new products or invest? If they know you already, this could provide some great opportunities if you get the timing right.
  • Are their key decision makers and influencers moving on or moving up? If so, where are they going and who’s replacing them? You need to know!

Hot List Tracker keeps you constantly updated on all these matters as an integral part of the Alert Business Insight online services.

You simply upload a list of organisations you want to track and the system instantly gives you all the facts and figures you need to build a picture of where they’re at.

They could be performing as well as you expected and there’s nothing to be alarmed or excited about, or something’s is happening or about to happen which could affect your business. You can then take proactive action to protect or further your interests, or capitalise on any opportunities presented.

Talk to us today about how Hot List Tracker can make a real difference to your peace of mind, confidence and outlook.