High Growth Firms

Data sets covering the fastest expanding 10,000 firms in the UK - the ultimate B2B market place?

A business intelligence tool that will put you at the top of the game, at a price you can afford

Alert Business Insight has something that no other business intelligence company can give you which will radically improve abysmally poor response rates to sales or marketing approaches. Called High Growth 10,000, it could revolutionise your business, save you money, ramp up your enquiries rate, boost your sales and leave your competitors standing. Imagine being able to target the companies who have money to spend now, at a time when they are about to make big buying decisions and you are first in line to offer them the products or services they need. It’s not rocket science, but no other business intelligence company in the UK can offer it.

What does the High Growth 10,000 service supply?

It provides you with all the necessary information to support credible and effective business generation strategies so you can turn these high-spending, expanding companies into your clients and customers. We tell you which companies they are, where they operate, what they are up to and who makes the decisions. Available to purchase by city, region or UK-wide.

10,000 of the UK's fastest expanding firms

High Growth 10,000 pinpoints the 10,000 fastest-expanding firms among 3.6 million others in the UK, and puts their full details at your fingertips. A few well-known companies are included, but the vast majority in this unique data set are growing, substantial businesses you will probably not have heard of. They all share a big appetite for products and services just like yours - with available cash and a willingness to spend.

Why high-growth companies are such valued customers

High Growth 10,000 companies need more of everything. They require more services, more goods and more people, and not only are they purchasing in greater volume, but also in greater diversity.

In short, because of expansion, these companies need to buy different types of services and goods, and hire different types of people in different ways.

High Growth 10000 companies have energy and confidence, but also harbour a fear that they may not be able to sustain their rate of growth, which means that they are open to finding new solutions to the pains of growth, of which there are many. High Growth 10,000 companies will be more receptive to your approach, your pitch or sales message because they need to be. If you are able to offer them a route to maintaining or increasing their rate of growth, then they will be willing to listen.

650,000 new staff taken on in the past five years

Find new leads...contact details...company size and the industry they're in...with detailed background information. As high growth companies are, by definition, expanding, they need more products and more services than anyone else. In the past five years, this powerful group has employed 650,000 new employees, with all the extra needs that involves.

Companies who are in heavy buying mode now

Think how much time, money and effort you could save by contacting the right companies at the right time, locally or nationally, instead of those which are about to downsize, are short of cash or just treading water, with no appetite or interest in what you have to offer.

The rocket fuel to energise your sales strategies

Depending on the value of your products or services, a deal with just one of these firms could pay for years' of access to live data on the whole 10,000 - but you can start with data sets for individual cities, postcode areas or regions if that works better for you.

High Growth 10,000 isn’t a replacement for your current sales strategies, which might or might not be doing OK. It’s the rocket fuel that will send them into the stratosphere, way beyond your normal horizons!

Cusp-of-take-off companies are included too

The majority of companies that make it onto this special list are already some way into their high-growth stage, but also included are those that are at the very beginning of their rapid expansion. The ‘cusp-of take-off companies’ share the same needs, and provide the same potential to be high value customers, partners or employers as those already well into their high growth journey, but the publicly available financial data lags behind their current performance and trajectory.

Rather than wait for this data to catch up, Alert uses its proprietary analytical tools to identify these cusp-of-take-off companies and fast track them into the High Growth 10,000 list, which gives Alert's clients early sight of these significant opportunities.