Decision Maker Listings

Information about decision makers and influencers is a core component of Alert's services.

Since 2005, we have developed proprietary tools and systems to pinpoint and accurately record details of the people in key posts now and, just as importantly, to spot if/when this information changes.

We don't just identify heads of departments and directors, but also other individuals who are influencing decisions and causing things to happen. Groups of people are invariably involved in the decision-making within many organisations today - knowing who the individuals are and communicating with all of them can be vitally important.

There are three convenient ways to gain access to this valuable data

  • Buy ready-to-go data-sets from the online SHOP
  • Commission Alert to produce a bespoke key contacts data set
  • Subscribe to our full online data service, or a bespoke data dashboard

See the panels below for more about each of these options. The most appropriate choice will probably depend on whether you need a broad or narrow range of contacts and/ or if you need continuous access to regularly updated decision-maker detail and background company information.

Decision Maker Listings Example


Over 1 million contacts and more than 30,000 job titles

The information in our data powerhouse covers over one million people across 30,000 job titles, indexed into the 100 most frequently occurring job functions. The over-arching job categories we are constantly researching are listed below, and each of these is divided into approximately 10 job sub-categories. This provides the facility, when you have access to the online service, to target exactly the right contacts for your needs.

When you are looking for a one-off data set, we will compile it for you from this extensive resource.

  1. Executive and Senior Management
  2. Accounting and Finance
  3. Operations and Facilities
  4. Sales and Business Development
  5. Human Resources
  6. Marketing
  7. Supplies and Procurement
  8. Legal
  9. Information Technology
  10. Technical/Research and Development

    UNIQUE Date verification - only available from Alert

    Alert Business Insight is the only company that clearly shows the date when the contact information was last checked, so you can have confidence in the age and freshness of the data.

    Ready-to go datasets - Buy from the SHOP now

    These provide details of senior decision makers, across a range of 16 geographic regions, in the following job areas -

    • Executive
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology
    • Procurement
    • Administration
    • We provide all the information you need to make contact.
    • If you can't see what you need in the online shop, contact us.


    Bespoke datasets to match your exact needs

    These can be in several forms -

    • A set tailored to specific job title/s and other criteria, such as location, sector and company size. We interrogate our database of one million contacts, provide a quotation and, if you then want to purchase the data, we produce and deliver it as a bespoke report.
    • Departmental Drill-down. Providing a list of key decision-maker and influencer contacts within a specific area of a company, not just the department head, enabling a multi-pronged approach with your sales and marketing campaign


    Online subscription service to build your own lists

    The online service provides a fast drill-down to the specific roles of people you want to contact - pinpointing one million people across 21 sectors; UK-wide, regional or at a post code level.

    Choose from a full-access subscription which allows you to compile target and other lists across 10 major job areas and their sub-categories - all well as a range of other services.

    Or, choose a bespoke Data Dashboard which filters the information so you only see, and pay for, the elements of it that are essential to your needs.