Data Training Workshops

Alert's position as a leading provider of B2B company data and business insights created a unique opportunity to develop and deliver powerful, affordable training solutions that bring great results, fast!

Our bespoke business information-related workshops are designed to meet the particular needs of clients. Our standard courses include:

  • How to sell to large complex organisations

These present a unique challenge, but penetrating just one successfully would move your business into a new league. This prestigious group includes includes firms listed in the FTSE 100 companies which collectively employ over six million staff (20% of the UK work force), operate from 30,000 separate locations and have sales turnover of £600 billion. We will show you how it's done and leave you with the live data used during the workshop so that you can follow up the opportunities.

  • Using B2B company data and business insights to shift the sales team out of their comfort zone

It's understandable why, for so many organisations, this is the major challenge that holds back progress and allows competitors to flourish. Get the whole team fired up and brimming with confidence when they learn how easy it can be to find new sales leads and markets, and get ahead of the competition using precisely targeted business insights. We'll leave them with all the live data to start chasing up new business leads straight away.

  • Identifying new customers and business partners in export markets worldwide

With or without the impact of BREXIT and the UK leaving the European Union, there are numerous opportunities to build valuable business connections and win profitable sales from new, accessible customers across the world. We'll show you how our proprietary data tools can help you meet today's challenges and those that lie head. All live data garnered during the workshop will be left with you to follow up.

  • Using corporate family trees to create powerful cross-selling strategies and plans

Having done the hard work in building a solid record of supply or partnering with particular organisations, why not exploit each and every warm-call selling opportunity this provides with parents and sister companies, and subsidiaries. Corporate Family Trees show you all the connections, the business activities and locations in both the UK and internationally. Let's us demonstrate how they can be used and leave you with the blueprint that can be applied as an integral part of your future marketing strategy.

  • Using business data to ensure start-up success

Start-up firms have a mortality rate of 90% plus and one of the key reasons is lack of sales and marketing insight. This workshop focuses on how to use B2B company data and business insights from the beginning, not as an afterthought. Armed with the tools that will help you pinpoint more business opportunities and undertake effective sales and marketing campaigns will give you the kick-start you need to get your business off the ground and inspire confidence in your staff, partners and backers.

More about the workshops

1. Alert's professional trainers have extensive business experience across multiple industries and a detailed knowledge and understanding of how effective B2B company data and business insight can impact on performance and results.

2. All workshop participants will be provided with live access to Alert's proprietary research tools and data-bank powerhouse relevant to the course subject matter. All of this live data is made available after the sessions so that strategies and plans that have been formulated can be executed fully and effectively afterwards, and queries arising satisfactorily handled.

3. The above five standard workshops are all conducted over the course of a full day, usually at the premises of the client / sponsor. The cost per workshop is £1,000 + VAT for up to five participants + expenses. Quotations for larger groups or bespoke Workshops can be provided if required.

Talk to us today about how Alert's training workshops can take you where you want to be, fast.