Corporate Health Check

Whether it's your clients, prospects, competitors or suppliers, their business health could have a great impact on your organisation. Are they in rude health, pretty unfit, or about to keel over?

In a sales scenario, you may have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of prospects on your radar screen and be considering making a big investment in campaigns and follow-ups. So how do you decide where to focus your staff's time, money and marketing resources?

Recent feedback from a client who faced such a dilemma explains how Alert's Corporate Health Check weeded out 40% of unsuitable prospects, giving them the best possible outcome from their campaign - see testimonial.

What state of business health are your clients and prospects in?

Are the key groups growing, on a plateau or declining, taking on staff or shedding them? It really matters!

Their status may be a key factor in deciding whether your products, services or other reason for making contact will generate interest OR, if they are current customers, help establish the likelihood of previous orders being repeated.

And, if the whole group is on a downward trend, what could that mean for your plans and outlook? If half are doing well and the rest are not, you may need to make some decisions, and fast!

Corporate Health Checks help you do this.

Corporate Health Check results for a group of companies

Below is a summary of Health Check results for a set of 160 companies analysed for one of Alert's clients. You can immediately see the group's health status - turnover is up significantly but overseas sales are in reverse. What is the potential impact of this on the future outlook of the supplier base? The average credit score has fallen across the group - what are the implications?

Corporate Health check results for an individual company

Below is the Heath Check result for one of 160 companies analysed for an Alert Business Insight client. You can immediately see its health status. The sales trend is positive but profits and the credit score are on the slide. Could this impact on expenditure with suppliers this year, next year and beyond?

As a buy-now service

A Corporate Health Check report can be produced for any list of organisations, including current or lapsed clients, new prospects, competitors or bench-marking targets.

Pricing: £1 per company health checked. Minimum report order size - 50 companies.

Corporate Health Check reports are delivered within 5 working days.

As part of a subscription

Corporate Health Checks provide a unique, integrated function delivered by Alert's online data powerhouse.

Anywhere you have assembled a list* you can apply a Corporate Health Check across 22 different parameters, including turnover, profits, employee numbers and credit score.

A couple of clicks quickly brings up a detailed picture showing how:

  • The whole group is performing according to the selected parameters.
  • How each organisation is performing

You can easily pick and choose those for attention and others to be put to one side.

* A Corporate Health Check can also be instantly applied to any one of the hundreds of preformed data sets in Alert Data, covering regions, sectors and business topics.