Corporate Family Trees

All the connections between parent companies, sister firms and subsidiaries - UK and global

Some of the warmest sales opportunities can come from understanding the connections between related organisations, whether they're subsidiaries, parents, branches or sister companies. These companies will often have completely different names and work in different sectors, so you wouldn't necessarily know they were connected.

Inter-connections between companies

Alert Business Insight's Corporate Family Trees show those inter-connections, including the relationships, the size of the companies and where they're located. You can then look for the right connections for your organisation, whether that's focusing on the subsidiaries in the UK, Europe or further afield, or how they relate to the parent company.

Pinpointing the decision makers you need to know about

We can provide a Corporate Family Tree that focuses on the areas you're specifically looking for, together with an Organisation Map pinpointing the decision maker contacts that you need to know about within those areas.

Tools to help you find your way around related organisations

In many of these large organisations, the set up is complex and the diversity is wide and it is often difficult and time-consuming to navigate your way through it. With Corporate Family Trees and Organisation Maps, we do the hard work for you.

In post-BREXIT times, a Corporate Family Tree is one of the best ways to identify new, but warm markets.

FTSE Corporate Trees

FTSE 100 firms employ over 5 million people at 300,000 locations and have a combined turnover of £600 billion. They present significant opportunities. Almost 29,000 firms are connected to the FTSE 100 as subsidiaries, sister or parents. You can purchase these detailed corporate trees in the online shop now, or contact us if your interest lies outside this group of companies.

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