Organisations with 100+ UK Locations

Valuable business targets

There are over 300 companies in the UK which have more than 100 locations and collectively they operate from more than 125,000 business premises.

These locations could be offices, factories, distribution centres, shops warehouses, service centres, and more.

All will have an ongoing need for staff, energy, telecommunications, transport, security and a whole raft of other business and personal services.

This unique group of organisations are therefore incredibly valuable business targets, with a combined turnover of over £825 billion and employee numbers totalling 3.6 million.

Data sets for 12 UK regions

Data sfor 12 UK regions and UK nationally

We provide detailed data on each of these organisations headquartered across 12 UK regions as follows.

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What you receive

We include the company name, address, number of locations, sales, employees, business activity and key contacts across CEO, Finance, IT, HR and Operations.

We also include a key contact involved with decision making on the facilities and/or buildings.

With these data sets you will have enough information to initiate contact with these firms or develop your relationships further with any already on your radar screen.

Don’t delay. Add these targets to your prospecting pipeline today and reap the rewards.