Client cloning

We can clone your best clients to help accelerate your business growth

Imagine being able to clone your most highly-prized clients. Companies that have the same attributes, are on the same path, and want the same products and services that your best clients are buying.

With Client Cloning – a unique service from Alert – you don’t have to imagine any longer.

Out of the 3.6 million businesses in the UK, there will be hundreds if not thousands of potential clones and we can find them for you.

Some will be fully formed, of the same size and maturity as your current prized clients. Some will be showing all the attributes of growing that way and now could be a good time to get in at the start of their expansion journey. Others could become clones as their needs or circumstances change – a new decision maker perhaps, further investment or financial reviews.

We can identify all of them for you and deliver them up so you can start making connections today.

We use our proprietary research tools and expertise to find client clones

Give us the names of your best clients or the criteria we need to match, and we will find their clones using our proprietary research tools and expertise. Your Client Cloning Report - containing full company details and key contacts relevant to your products and services - will be delivered to you within five working days.

The table below gives just a few examples of the number of companies there are in cities across the UK. So whether you want more local, regional or national clients, there are bound to be clones out there within your favoured fields. It’s a numbers game and you only need a few to lift your company to new heights.

Leeds 48,950
47,278 Leicester 53,308
Bristol 58,321 Liverpool 37,048
Cardiff 41,559 London 1,298,386
Derby 34,037 Manchester 43,610
Edinburgh 57,633 Newcastle upon Tyne 42,573
Glasgow 36,667 Nottingham 59,265
Swansea 23,758

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