Business Leads

Turn cold calls into warm prospects with Alert's Business Leads

Alert's Business Leads service provides a constant flow of hot insights into changes, plans and developments taking place in UK businesses and the public sector. The leads pinpoint organisations that are creating jobs, receiving funding, setting up offices, looking to grow and expand, building premises, relocating, involved in mergers and acquisitions, making international moves and appointing new decision-makers. The sort of organisations ready and willing to buy from you.

This constant flow of fresh, qualified leads can be used for a broad range of purposes, including sales, marketing, partnering, employment, takeovers, product sourcing, analysis and bench-marking.

What does the Business Leads Service supply?

It provides you with all the necessary information to support credible and effective business generation strategies so you can turn these high-spending, expanding companies into your clients and customers. We tell you which companies they are, where they operate, what they are up to and who makes the decisions. Available to purchase by six business-change topics and four geographic regions as detailed below.

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Or, learn more about the benefits of our Business Leads service below:

A powerful sales prospecting tool

In sales, the quality of the opening gambit to a new prospect is critical, but often little is known about the organisation or people being contacted. Turn your rivals' and competitors' ignorance to your advantage.

Company information and contacts at your fingertips

In minutes, you can equip yourself with a comprehensive picture of what's happening and details of the organisation and its performance, along with key contacts and, crucially, how to contact them.

Use this wealth of information to reinforce your approach and to help score points by asking well-informed questions and being prepared with viable solutions to their challenges . It will help identify you as someone knowledgeable and interested in the organisation – and give your confidence an added boost.

Online or offline supply options

For convenience and precision targeting, Alert's Business Leads are available on a weekly basis. We cover six change topics and four UK regions. The leads are available as part of Alert Data, our online service. Contact us for more information about this.