Business data-sets

Freshly updated, pre-formatted business data-sets, compiled by our in-house research team according to a range of criteria, including business type, market sector, region, business change topic and performance.

Armed with these you will be able to undertake hugely effective sales, marketing, analysis or research campaigns to meet your specific objectives.

Our business sets cover a range of service types and ready-to-buy content as detailed below.

Business list Content

High Growth 10,000

Identify the fastest growing companies in the UK

Unique market insight identifying the 10,000 fastest growing UK companies among 3.6 million others. Ideal sales prospects for ambitious B2B service and product providers.

Top 500 x Employee Growth

Data set of the UK firms recruiting most heavily
This detailed data set covers the top 500 UK firms which collectively have increased staff numbers by 240% over the past five years - ideal targets for your B2B services.


Management Moves

Reports on key business appointments & departures

New management appointments and departures are great business leads. Our unique monthly Management Move reports pinpoint them for 10 job areas -CEO, HR, Finance, Operations, IT, Procurement, Sales, Marketing - with details on how to contact them.


VC/PE/Bank-Backed Firms

Find companies receiving significant external funding

This data set of 3,000 firms, out of the UK's 3.6 million, have had or are receiving significant external funding, such as Venture Capital, private equity or substantial bank support - and are perfect targets for your B2B sales and other campaigns.


Each of these business data sets is also available on subscription as part of Alert Data online which provides a constant flow of newly-updated data and business insights rather than one-off snapshot reports. Along with all the data sets, Alert Data also provides access to a complementary range of corporate drilldown data, business leads and marketing intelligence. Why not sign up for a FREE TRIAL.