Bespoke Data Sets and Specialist Research

Bespoke and affordable solutions to your specific requirements

Since Alert Business Insight was founded in 2005 we have invested heavily in the development of proprietary data services, research tools and in people with expertise, both locally and globally.

The B2B data team can therefore offer an unparalleled breadth of bespoke data sets and specialist research services to assist in the completion of projects to a high standard, quickly and cost-effectively.

Our bespoke data sets comprise: Corporate Health Checks; Organisation Mapping; Departmental Drill-down and Data cleansing and appending.

If you're looking for specialised business information on niche markets, people and/or products and services - UK and world-wide - our proprietary research tools and expertise will deliver precise, targeted solutions.

Whether it's bespoke or specialist that's of interest to you, we'd love to discuss your project.

Service Type What you get
Departmental Drill-Down Reports

Get a list of every decision-maker and influencer contacts within a specific area of a company for a multi-pronged approach in your sales and marketing campaign - not just the department head.
These reports pin-point up to 10 freshly-researched decision-maker contacts and key influencers across one or more of the following job areas or a sub-group of them:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement
  • Information Technology
  • Operations and Facilities
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Legal
  • Technical/Research and Development

*This service is available for groups of 10, 25 or 50 organisations or greater numbers by arrangement. We can work to your list or one from our library covering sectors, regions, etc.

Alternatively, a bespoke list can be compiled by you and the Alert research team to ensure the best possible focus.


Corporate Health Check

Detailed health checks on clients, prospects, suppliers and competitors

Find out what shape your clients, prospects, suppliers or competitors are in and make more informed decisions with the business health check that delivers. These provide a five-year trends picture for each organisation on your list and an overarching view of the health of the whole group. Factors checked include turnover, employee numbers, profits and credit score.

Client Cloning

We can clone your best clients to help accelerate your business growth
Give us the names of your best clients or the criteria we need to match, and we will find their clones using our proprietary research tools and expertise. Your Client Cloning Report - containing full company details and key contacts relevant to your products and services - will be delivered to you within five working days.

Out of the 3.6 million businesses in the UK, there will be hundreds if not thousands of potential clones and we can find them for you.


Data Cleansing & Appending

Revitalise your in-house data and CRM

Up to 30% of sales & marketing costs are wasted each year using duff data. This service will check, refresh, append and update client/customer data in order to maximise its value in sales, marketing, customer service, research and planning.

Organisation Maps

Fresh, detailed organisation maps
These freshly-researched maps detail key contacts and influencers in large organisations of at least 1000 staff, in either the private or public sector. If you need a fast, effective way in for your products and services, or if you are a current supplier and want to be sure you are connecting with everybody that matters, then organisational maps are the answer. They will pinpoint and provide full contact details for up to 100 decision-makers and influencers from a range of 10 job areas and 12 geographic regions.

Bespoke Business Data Sets

Drawn from Alert's vast data warehouse on your behalf
Many of our data sets can purchased directly from the on-line shop as a buy-now product, but some of our clients' requirements involve drawing the data set together from the 100 million pieces of data in our data-powerhouse. Let us know what you want and if the data is in the system, we will deliver it to you in the format you need as quickly as possible.


Specialist Business Research

Solve research challenges quickly and effectively

If you are looking for specialised business information on niche markets, people, products or services - UK and world-wide - Alert BI's proprietary research tools and expertise enable us to deliver precise solutions quickly and cost-effectively.


Hot List Tracker

Track your clients' and prospects' activities
The performance of your clients, competitors and prospects greatly impacts on your business outlook. Continually monitor their activities with Hot List Tracker.