Company Profiles

Alert BI can provide comprehensive and extremely detailed background information on 300,000 UK companies. All of them share a common denominator, they've either have a turnover of £1,000,000 or more (and we include all of those), or they have been experiencing major change impacting on jobs, growth and premises. You can access all of this information as part of our live subscription service (which includes many other ancillary components) or by purchasing bespoke, freshly-researched reports on specific areas you are interested in.

Alert delivers detailed background information on every aspect of a company and its activity

Whether you need to need to know about a company's financial health, its employees, its business activity, where it operates, its organisational structure or corporate family, we have it all. And if you want detailed contacts for those companies with specific job roles, or information on managers' current and previous employers, we can provide that too - see our service overview which will direct you to the relevant part of the site.

All of this company background information is divided into five main areas: Company Reports, Key Contacts Drill-Down Reports, Organisation Maps, Corporate Family Trees and Midas Reports - see following table.

Service Type What you get

Company Reports

Spot trends, anomalies and opportunities that would otherwise not have been apparent for individual companies or groups.

Via subscription - both the full service and through a bespoke Data Dashboard.

Detailed reports for every UK company with a turnover of £1m+, PLUS tens of thousands of others experiencing change and growing rapidly to that size. The reports include all of the following, and more.

  • Address/number of locations
  • Web/Phone details
  • Business activity and SIC codes
  • Director listing
  • Key operational contacts list with date when last verified
  • Email addresses (where available)
  • Financials (up to 10 years of data)
  • Employees (up to 10 years of data)
  • Major events alerts ( where available)
Drill-Down Reports*

Get a list of every decision-maker contact within a specific area of a company for a multi-pronged approach in your sales and marketing campaign - not just the department head.

Bespoke research
These freshly-research reports are prepared on demand and pin-point up to 10 decision-maker and key influencer contacts across one or more of the following job / departmental areas:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement
  • Information Technology
  • Operations and Facilities
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Legal
  • Technical/Research and Development

*This service is available for groups of 10, 25 or 50 organisations or greater numbers by arrangement. We can work to your list or one from our library covering sectors, regions, etc.

Alternatively, a bespoke list can be compiled by you and the Alert's research team to ensure the best possible focus.


Organisation Maps

Fresh, detailed organisation maps

Bespoke research

These freshly-researched maps detail key contacts and influencers in large organisations of at least 1000 staff, in either the private or public sector. If you need a fast, effective way in for your products and services, or if you are a current supplier and want to be sure you are connecting with everybody that matters, then organisational maps are the answer. They will pinpoint and provide full contact details for up to 100 decision-makers and influencers from a range of 10 job areas and 12 geographic regions.


Corporate Family Trees

Corporate group structures mapped out in detail

Via subscription - the full service or through a bespoke Data Dashboard - and as a Buy-Now product for selected companies from our online shop.

Hierarchical list showing links between parent, sister and subsidiary organisations across the UK and internationally.


Midas Reports

Looking for fully comprehensive company data?

Bespoke research

The ultimate comprehensive report about an organisation, its activities, its dealings, its people and its plans. When failure is not an option in understanding and/ or penetrating an organisation, don't leave anything to chance in your research and preparation!