Sponsor the Alert Jobs Barometer at a time when UK employment is facing a huge period of change

The UK jobs market over the next five to ten years is facing a sea change of unprecedented magnitude - and not just as a consequence of BREXIT!


As the only monthly measure of UK job market fluctuations, the Alert Jobs Barometer – a highly visible indicator of UK economic health (similar to the FTSE100 index) – will be at the forefront of informing about these changes.

The changes will be so big, and the consequences of such magnitude, that they will generate major media stories that will run and run.

The publication will reach a monthly audience of over:

  • 50,000 HR directors in twelve key sectors
  • 20,000 recruitment industry professionals
  • 250 business/HR journalists

each of whom will be eager to devour the barometer's up-to-date statistics and incisive commentary about jobs market trends.

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We are offering a number of tailored sponsorship packages that could give your organisation a unique opportunity to be seen monthly by the people that really matter, in your sector and beyond.

These sponsorship packages come with many extra and exclusive benefits which will give you a finger on the pulse of these critical changes as they happen.

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We deliver insights on current movements in the jobs market before anyone else even knows it’s changed.


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The sea change is already happening - read the stories behind these headlines:

New Robo-advice Technology – Investment and Insurance Restructuring – 400 Jobs At Risk

BBC News, March 2016

Robots Threaten 15 Million UK Jobs – Admin and Production Roles At Risk

Daily Mirror, December 2016

Healthcare Innovation – Partnership with University of Brighton – Robots Used To Ease Dementia Symptoms

The Argus, February 2015

McRobots To Run 25,000 Restaurants – Efficiency Gains and Cost Savings

News Examiner, June 2015

Robots Replace 90% of Human Employees – Production and Quality Improvements – Chinese Market Dominates Industrial Robotics

Monetary Watch, January 2017

Home Working Innovation – Robotic Office Presence Developed

The Guardian, April 2015