Case history: A global leader in HR and payroll outsourcing, HR consulting and HR and payroll software

Type of company: A global leader in HR and payroll outsourcing, HR consulting and HR and payroll software

Size of company: £3.6 billion employing 3,900 staff

Challenge: The company had identified a major international banking group, based in Australia, as a key business target for a new Payroll software product. Success depended on the target company expressing an interest in the service at a global level.

Work involved: To support the planning, Alert provided a freshly researched, comprehensive, global MIDAS REPORT on the banking group, detailing its: business activities; international structure; market strategy; SWOT; products; key contacts in HR, IT, Finance and Procurement; and information about previous contract awards.

This collective business insight enabled an efficient, co-ordinated, multi-pronged approach to be made from three continents to initially raise awareness before following up with appropriate sales activity.

Investment in Alert: £3,000 for a Midas Report produced over a month.

Outcome: An approach was made to 97 individuals across 3 continents. Of these, 11 showed interest on the first approach and a further 7 on the second approach. Exploratory meetings were arranged in Australia and the USA, leading to a pilot study comparing the new service with the incumbent supplier. A number of advantages and deficiencies were identified, the latter being fed back to the development team. A stage 2 evaluation led to a successful outcome and the adoption of the software in selected geographies with a view to global roll out out thereafter. Potential revenues: £750k per annum.

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