Gender Pay Reporting - November 2017

Published 15th of November 2017

Only 1.02% (92) of almost 9,000 qualifying organisations had reported their Gender-Pay Gap information by 1 November 2017.

In a bid to tackle workplace discrimination, the UK government back in 2015 ordered large firms to begin revealing their gender pay information and gaps on an annual basis, commencing April 2017.

Under this new law, private and public sector employers and charities with 250 or more employees are required to publish gender pay information.

  • Alert BI Fast Fact: Among the UK’s four million employers, 9,000 organisations meet the size criteria and collectively employ more than 15 million people - just under a half of Britain's workforce.
  • The first submission of gender pay data by all 9,000 qualifying organisations must be completed by 30 April 2018. If employers fail to comply, they will be contacted by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

  • Alert BI Fast Fact: Six months after the start of this project – ie as at 1 November 2017 - only 92 (1.02%) of the 9,000 qualifying organisations had done so.

  • Whether the EHRC has the specific powers or resources to take action is debatable - the real sanctions are thought to be reputational risk and employment relations.

  • Alert BI Fast Fact: In 2016, the UK gender pay gap was 9.4% for full-time workers, in favour of men - or 18.1% for all staff (i.e. full time plus part-time employees), again in favour of men!

  • Alert BI Fast Fact: The pay gap for the UK's 3.3 million managers is significantly higher (in favour of men) at 26.8%. Female managers are paid an average of almost £12,000 less than their male counterparts.

  • Alert BI Opinion: Organisations may be delaying publishing for a variety of reasons, such as to avoid negative publicity or to look at the data in context to ensure they provide the correct response and to check they’re not breaching equal pay laws. These stipulate that men and women must be paid the same for doing the same or an equivalent role.

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