Data Subscriptions

Is a subscription service a better option for you than purchasing ready-to-buy reports?

Two questions will help you decide:

1. Is it important that you and/or your colleagues or clients receive regular updates and fresh data about the companies, sectors or business change topics that are of interest?

2. Do you and/or your colleagues/clients need to keep track of and investigate large numbers of customers, prospects or other organisations across a broad spectrum of business sectors, with everyone needing to be working from the same up-to-date information?

If the answer to either or both is YES, then a subscription is likely to be the best and most cost-effective way of receiving what you need.

As an Alert Data subscriber you have online access anywhere/anytime to:

300,000 company reports with financials, credit score, business activity and news updates - perfect for checking and getting up to speed quickly on clients, new prospects, and competitors.

200 business data sets of ready-to-go information across a range of sectors, locations and business topics. Includes the full High Growth 10,000 companies data set, FTSE 100, sector & regional lists.

1,000,000 key contacts across 100 job roles. Compile and export sales, marketing and research targeting-lists in seconds. Includes full contact details, often with email addresses.

Data for 21 major sectors and 108 sub-sectors. Compile precision-targeted lists to match exact requirements for campaigns, analysis and strategic planning.

Business leads and insights with live, constantly updated intelligence. Pinpoint organisations experiencing MAJOR change across jobs, premises, acquisitions, investment and international activity.

Intuitive, easy-to-use interface to 100 million data-piece warehouse

Most people who need B2B data and insights are not research professionals but use the informaton to achieve sales, marketing, analysis and planning objectives. ALert's intuitive, powerful interface enables the easy compilation and extraction of decision-maker lists, company reports, sets of business leads and market reports.

Compile and download data in seconds

It takes less than 30 seconds to compile and download most of the data sets and reports – freeing up your time to think how best to use the information.

The costs stack up too

A subscription to the Alert Data powerhouse costs £12,000 per year for a single user license. - multi-user prices on request. This may be the most appropriate option when access to data and insights for a wide range of sectors, geographic areas and decision-maker types, along with a flow of updates about contacts, events etc is needed.

So, if you need more than a few of the business data sets or reports, and the regular updates make an important difference, accessing them via an ongoing subscription will save time and money - and be just as convenient.