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A business intelligence tool that will put you at the top of the game, at a price you can afford

Alert Business Insight has something that no other business intelligence company can give you which will radically improve abysmally poor response rates to sales or marketing approaches. Called Heads-Up, it could revolutionise your business, save you money, ramp up your enquiries rate, boost your sales and leave your competitors standing. Imagine being able to target the organisations who are reviewing current arrangements, looking for new and different suppliers and making buying decisions today - and you are first in line to offer them the products or services they need. It’s not rocket science, but no other business intelligence company in the UK can offer it.

Turn cold calls into warm prospects with Alert's Heads-Up Leads

Business intelligence that puts you ahead of the game

Alert's Heads-Up service provides a constant flow of hot insights into changes, plans and developments taking place daily in hundreds of thousands of UK businesses and the public sector. The leads pinpoint the organisations that are creating jobs, receiving funding, setting up offices, looking to grow and expand, building premises, winning contracts, relocating, involved in mergers and acquisitions, entering partnerships, making international moves and appointing new decision-makers.

The sort of organisations ready and willing to buy from YOU.

This constant flow of fresh, qualified leads can be used for a broad range of purposes, including sales, marketing, partnering, employment, merger & acquisition research, product sourcing, business analysis and bench-marking.

What does the Heads-Up alerts service supply?

The service provides you with all the necessary information to support credible and effective communication. We tell you who they are, where they operate, what they are up to, how big they are, how they are performing AND who makes the decisions. Most of these organisation are not high street names or in the public eye, but yet are often substantial enterprises, collectively employing millions of people.

We can also filter the alerts so you receive ones that reflect positive or negative events, or both.

Eight change topics - Seven UK regions - Online or offline delivery

For convenience and precision targeting, Heads-Up alerts are available on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. We cover eight change topics and seven UK regions. as detailed below. The information can be delivered to your email inbox, or alternatively accessed via the Alert Data online portal.

Organisation change topic

Goegraphic coverage

Business Leads are available weekly for the following organisation change topics

  • Job Gains
  • Job Losses
  • Growth & Investment
  • Contracts, Awards, Partnerships
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Management Moves
  • Premises Change
  • International Plans and Activities

Business Leads are available for the following UK geographic areas

  • London and the South East
  • Midlands and the South West
  • The North of England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland
  • The whole of the UK

Prices starts from just £50/month depending on the change topics, UK regions and delivery frequency

LIVE DATA - COMPANIES DOING WELL Live data - Companies struggling

A powerful sales prospecting tool

In sales, the quality of the opening gambit to a new prospect is critical, but often little is known about the organisation or people being contacted. Turn your rivals' and competitors' ignorance to your advantage.

Company information and contacts at your fingertips

In minutes, you can equip yourself with a comprehensive picture of what's happening and details of the organisation and its performance, along with key contacts and, crucially, how to contact them.

Use this wealth of information to reinforce your approach and to help score points by asking well-informed questions and being prepared with viable solutions to their challenges . It will help identify you as someone knowledgeable and interested in the organisation – and give your confidence an added boost.

FREE two week trial - No need to register payment details - No obligation afterwards

Would you like to try the Heads-Up alerts service out for free for a couple of weeks? There is no obligation and no pressurised follow up. Our services are so good, we let them sell themselves.

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