Management Moves

A standard or bespoke report on key appointments and departures.

A change of decision-making personnel within an organisation often leads to a review of current arrangements and fresh thinking about the way things are done and an examination of expenditure and suppliers. It's therefore the ideal time for providers of relevant products and services to make contact with the new appointees, potentially sowing the seeds of a long-term business relationship - or to try again where previously unsuccessful pitches have been attempted.

Find out which key managers are on the move and where they've moved to Management Moves is a regular, bespoke report for your company, detailing these appointments and departures across UK industry and the public sector. The salient facts are available at your fingertips, including full names, job titles, date of move, company details, sectors, contact information.... indeed everything you need to get in early, have a warm conversation and beat the competition.

The standard job roles we monitor are as listed below. The first five are available as 'Buy Now' reports in the online SHOP.

Please contact us for details of the others, or for information about similar data we can deliver for different job types.

  1. Chief Executives
  2. Finance
  3. Information Technology
  4. Procurement
  5. Human Resources
  6. Sales
  7. Marketing
  8. Operations
  9. Technical/R&D

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