Alert BI – Food industry and supply chain search engine.

Over the last 10 years, Alert BI has developed a unique, dynamic search engine that’s as easy to use as Google and leads directly to fresh, well-organised data about all the companies and contacts in the UK’s food industry and supply chain. This business insight service has revolutionised the lives and fortunes of the people and organisations, big and small, that have discovered and used it for a broad range of purposes, including: business leads research, peer and competitor tracking and analysis, benchmarking, supplier and partnership searches, job opportunity monitoring, M&A targeting, and more.

The service brings together: company data | contacts |financials | corporate trees |business trends |current plans |competitor listings| business activity descriptions. |employee numbers | breaking news. It’s all freshly updated to an expert team of researchers - and is ready to be acted on immediately.

Alert Bi puts the intelligence you need at your fingertips.

Why a food industry search engine?

The industry’s big:

  • 7,000 active food and drink manufacturers (FDMs) trading from over 30,000 sites across the UK employing 400,000 people
  • 40,000 other firms closely involved up and down the food supply chain, operating from over 200,000 sites and employing a further 3.5 million people.

In terms of business spread, think: producers and processors; packaging and printing; distribution and logistics; robotics and automation; tractors to chilled lorries; catering equipment; manufacturing and testing equipment; food science; canning, bottling and freezing; ingredients and flavourings; poly tunnels; irrigation and cooling systems; food importers and exporters; restaurant and pub chains AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!

That’s a lot of organisations and a lot of people, making up millions of ‘bits’ of constantly changing information, from trading figures to management moves, new products to expansion plans.

So how can anyone keep track of this morass of detail so they’re ready to take advantage of business opportunities as they arise and be alert to the changing landscape? And how can they be certain that they have the latest information in an environment where data rapidly decays, even turning toxic in unsuspecting hands?

The big advantages
In seconds, users of the Alert BI search engine could identify full profiles for any one of almost 50,000 food or supply chain companies – with details of sales turnover and growth, profits, corporate trees, employee numbers, business activity, HQ and site locations, key decision makers and management moves.

Or, the search could be against a range of business-change topics to pinpoint which organisations are recruiting, relocating, investing, growing, merging, winning new contracts, eyeing new domestic or international markets, or launching new products or services.

The service can track not only the companies currently on the current radar, but hundreds of others that are not, but should be.

The precise information they need is delivered via a highly intuitive dashboard that allows users to filter right down to precisely what they’re looking for in an easily digestible format – FAST!

Whether that’s: company data | contacts |financials | corporate trees |current plans |business activities |employee numbers | and so much more. All freshly updated.

Save time and money. Maximise your opportunities. Spot potential concerns. Build knowledge and confidence. Strengthen your reputation and output. Enhance your income streams.

How could it help you?

The service is invaluable for addressing questions and issues such as:

  • Who’s doing well, badly or on a plateau, hiring, firing, restructuring, relocating, merging? And more.
  • Who are the key decision makers and influencers across the food industry and its supply chain?
  • How can I become an instant expert on a target company, its challenges, sister companies and competitors?


Live, constant access to the whole search engine package of company profiles, business lead triggers, trends and growth data etc requires an investment of £8,000 per year- equivalent to £20/day – about £150 per week. But, if you don’t need everything, the cost will be much less and still deliver big benefits. Take the free road test of the full service for a couple of weeks to determine what’s important, and we will take it from there. There is no obligation and no pressurised follow up. Our services are so good, we let them sell themselves.

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