Data Dashboards

All your subscribed data fields on the same screen, anytime, anywhere

A bespoke data dashboard that pulls together, on one screen, all the data fields you subscribe to, and with easy navigation and instant access across the components.

A massively effective time-saving, productivity-improvement tool!

Up to 48 data and business insight fields can be added to the dashboard. across 10 key contact job groups, 17 sectors, 16 regional areas, and 5 business change topics. Each dashboard must have at least one job group, such as IT or HR; one sector, such as Financial Services or Retailing; and one regional area, such as Central London or the North West.

Free road-test of a data dashboard configured to match your exact requirements

Let us know which data fields are important for your business. We will configure a data dashboard, give you an online demonstration and provide you with a free, no obligation 24-hour pass key to road test it.

We feel sure you will be impressed.